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Welcome to lukas grumlik custom prints. I am very happy that you have find a way to my e-shop. My e-shop just launched recently and I am adding more custom designs and products on daily bases.

What made me start my own custom printing e-shop?

This idea came on my mind one day when I was looking for some unique T-shirt design for myself. I have spent hours searching all over the internet and got really frustrated 🙁 . Whenever I found something that I would like to wear, there always has been a catch. I my case the catch has been and still is a size. Yes, I am not a model or a medium sized man. With a size of 4XL for tops and tees, this whole idea of having something unique has been slowly disappearing and got me thinking about this frustrating problem.

Luckily 😎 , I was able to find a solution for my problem and I hope it will help others too with this frustrating situation. The solution is my own Custom Prints E-shop.

What I want to achieve?

  • The main target: bring happiness to large people like me and let them enjoy some very nice pieces of clothing for affordable prices. Of course I want to satisfy those in small sizes too, at the end of the day we are all same and all of us love unique clothing. So if for some strange reason you can’t find your favorite product in your size, please message me trough my contact page or message me on Facebook and I will do my best to sort this out for you.
  • Second target: I would like people come to me with their special design needs. Like their own ideas, pictures, logos etc. I am very happy to work with individuals and/or companies who wants their unique clothing or other products from our e-shop.
  • Third target: I am very passionate about this project and I am not going to hide that I would like my name to become a well known clothing brand.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy browsing my e-shop.

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