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Charity Donations By Custom Prints

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Buy To Donate e-shopHello Everyone,

I want to do something good for my local community and  decided that every month I will specially design one product (t-shirt, mug, hat, pillow) or something else from my e-shop and put it up for sale in selected category. Then all the profit from it will goes to a small local charity. It is going to be amazing feeling for me and for all who will purchase the product and also this is going to help people who needs it most.

I have opened special category for this and you can find it RIGHT HERE You Can Help

Of course, nobody is pushing you to buy. I will make sure that the product is worth every penny and looks good before I will put it up for sale. Then, it is up to you if you like it enough and purchase it. But remember, if anyone purchase one of these products then it is going to be a good deed from them and people who will receive this donations will appropriate every penny.

As a proof of donation, I will make sure to have it on photographed and will post here and of course on Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Ohh, almost forgot to say. The name of the charity that the donations will goes to will be announced on the 14th day each month. You can nominate your charity if local to King’s Lynn or surrounding areas. Just leave a comment below this post.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute of it.

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